Monday, January 16, 2017

Something is Better than Nothing...Every. Day.

Something is Better than Nothing...Every. Day.

I am a perfectionist.  This sometimes makes forward movement paralyzing for me.  If I can't do it perfectly, I end up not doing it at all.  So part of restoring my health means moving more.  Not just any movement, Healthy Movement.  I've learned over the past 2 years from Jen over at Healthy Moving, that I can make minor adjustments to the way I sit, stand, walk, and move that can have huge impacts on my overall health and mobility.  But I also realized I needed to incorporate cardio movement if I wanted to lose weight and continue to become more healthy.  I have great intentions to hike, and explore, and move more, but I always find an excuse.  

I recently discovered Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home program.  It's not outdoors which isn't ideal, and I don't believe "tightening my tummy" is the way to go (see Healthy Moving again for research and more information), because focusing on core strengthening is preferable, however, I actually DO this. My daughter and I have fun doing the walking, and that movement is far better than not doing anything because I can't do it "perfectly." 

If you purchase their mobile app subscription, you get access to the entire dvd library which you can access from your phone or computer, so if you have the capability to stream (we use chromecast), I can pick and choose which one we do each day.  This is a great bargain for $4.99 a month!

We've actually done it twice in the past 4 days which is more than anything else in the past few months, so it's progress.  I'll take it, give myself some kudos for not getting stuck in the quagmire of doing it perfectly, and be grateful for the time spent with my daughter, the time spent moving, opportunities to try new things and apply previous lessons learned and continue to work on moving more and restoring my health. 

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